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By August 12, 2017ADI's, Learner Drivers

Now those of you in RoSPA may have seen my opinion on this earlier this year in the newsletter, when it was originally muted, and I may even have mentioned it on the blog, I can’t remember.

Is this a good idea? Personally, I don’t think it makes the slightest bit of difference. It may make it easier for ADI’s to get learners from their home closer to test areas in certain places, but there’s no demand for it from clients at the moment.

Remember it’s not a test requirement. (and my sources tell me, it never will be because of the number of test centres nowhere near a motorway)

Now the DVSA will tell you, it’s all part of ‘safe driving for life’  – However here’s the rub -. The vast majority of people driving on motorway them will never have taken any motorway training.  They are, as is well known the safest class of roads.

So where is the need to improve on that, when the most dangerous roads with the highest casualties for young drivers are rural roads at night?

Surely training should be focussed towards higher speed rural roads?

My prediction is that this will become an interesting legal curiosity, a kind of ‘true or false’ pub quiz question rather than hordes of L plated cars suddenly descending on every motorway from 2018.

Leigh Brookes

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