Further update – There will be no change before the 1st of December. Also, rumour has it the new part 2 will now include 2 manoeuvres out of both the old and new. (Which makes far more sense to me – maybe they read this blog 🙂 )

The ADI Part 3 test isn’t changing on the 2nd of October. It’s been postponed as the legislation wasn’t able to be updated in time.

I have no-one going through at the planned change over time, by design, (There’s an old saying in sales – “The sale doesn’t count until the money is in the till”, and personally I think in a similar vein with dealing with dealing with target dates from Gov’t departments – It doesn’t happen till it happens, and my clients won’t be the guinea pigs on month one when it does) so I’m not out banging my head against the wall in frustration, but there are plenty of PDI’s and trainers now left in a mess because of this.

If you’re a PDI (and I’m speculating here), you’ll be offered to either continue your booked date and take the old test, or an extension on the pink badge (if you’re on one) to take the new one when it eventually changes. I think it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll run both tests in parallel for a short period as they’d have to amend the redrafted legislation to allow it, but you never know.


If you’re coming up to the expiry of your two years since you passed the theory, will you be granted an extension to take the new one? (I don’t believe the two-year limit is in legislation, just at the discretion of the registrar but I could be wrong) [Update TonyCurran has reminded me, as long as you book a test before the two years expires you can move the date about as much as you like – of course this does mean you’ll only get one go though if you’re sitting after the 2 years expires]

The official announcement is buried in a “Despatch” blog called strangely enough “What we’re doing to improve the ADI part 2 and 3 tests” which seems a rather odd way to update an industry that’s been working towards the October date for at least a year. A lot of PDI’s and trainers out there, won’t be feeling that the test has been “improved” after this announcement.

I say “official announcement” as like most Gov’t department the news appeared to be slowly leaking out over the last couple of days anyway and the majority of trainers were waiting to see if was just a rumor or not.

They’ve also released the marking form – No shock, regular readers will spot its identical to the mock form I posted months ago, except it’s in red not green.

ORDIT Trainers were also updated via email:

Dear ORDIT trainer

I just wanted to let you know that we’re not able to introduce the changes to the ADI part 3 test on 2 October 2017.

We’re still waiting for parliamentary approval but are hopeful that the change will still happen in October. I’ll obviously let you know as soon as we have confirmation.

We’ll be writing to PDIs who have a part 3 test booked in the first 2 weeks of October, to let them know about the delay.

We’ll be able to give them more options on what they can do, such as postponing their test to a later date or keeping their test date and taking the test in its current format.

They’ll be advised to speak to you and I’d be grateful if you could help them decide the best option for them.

We’ll send you a copy of this letter when we send it to PDIs.

Jacqui Turland

ADI Registrar

I’m still hopeful I’ll win the lottery as well.

Part 2

In other news, they’ve also announced the Part 2 will change in December – Although I had this confirmed verbally months ago, and my source seemed to believe it had already been announced, I could never find a written statement.

The Part 2 is also being dumbed down, removing the corner reversing exercises and TIR.

Although as they are still “part of the syllabus” that ADI’s are expected to teach, one wonders how they’ll know it is being taught correctly as neither the ADI or the Learner will ever have to do the manoeuvre on a test, but that said they never really cared about the right reverse either.

Personally, I’d have hoped the new maneuvers would just have been added to the existing repertoire for the Part 2 and a random selection of 4 would be chosen.

As the Part 2 test is already longer and takes in motorways, the DVSA excuse of avoiding housing estates to take in faster roads is already mute. The Satnav exercise will also now take place on part 2, as will asking two of the “show me” questions on the move.

The point of asking an experienced driver to operate a basic control on their own vehicle, such as operating the horn or putting the window up and down is lost on me, but it was obviously a good idea at the time. (Still, it’ll all change again when I’m Chief Driving Examiner – Once I’ve reintroduced dry steering as a fault amongst other things that is)

I’ll keep you posted with any further updates.

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