How to setup routes for the new driving test on TomTom

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How to set up routes (My Tracks) on TomTom from the comfort of your own home.

One of the reasons the DVSA  picked the TomTom was its ability to record and playback routes, so they can keep them standard for the test.

The syncing features of MyDrive are currently compatible with GO and START 4x, 5x, 6x series / GO 400, 5×0, 6×0 / 5×00, 6×00 / Trucker 5000, 6000 as well as Rider 40/4×0 devices and the Android and IOS Apps so you don’t need a Start 52 to make use of them.

Now you don’t actually have to drive around a route with record pressed to do this, there is a much faster way as long as you’ve got a PC,

Firstly go to: and log in with the account details you created for your TomTom

Search for wherever you want the route to start from (in this case Worcester DTC).

You can do this by just scrolling around the map or searching for a particular place in the search bar.

When you’ve chosen your location, left click on the map to set it.


Click the “Start Here” icon in the bottom left of the menu.

Next, we need to deselect “Round Trip” – (For reasons that are unclear you can only do this by setting the route to “Thrill” first)

So, click on Thrill and Untick “Round Trip”.

This stops it from automatically creating a “Loop” from the start to the end point of your route.

Now just drag this Finish Line Icon around the map to create your route.







Sometimes the map will try to be too clever and jump your line onto another road. In this case, right-click where you want the route to go and click “Add Stop”

I think there is a maximum number of stops you can add, so use sparingly, only when you want to force the route in a specific direction it won’t automatically go to.








When you have completed your route, scroll down the infobox  and you’ll see the time and distance of the route:













Click “Save to My Routes”












Name the route whatever you want, and select “Sync this route as a track with my devices” and hit Save.


Alternative Method:

Instead of dragging the line around the map, if you aren’t too bothered on the route used, then click on the “+” sign and just add individual stops:














Just start to type the street name and then select it from the pop-up list:








To Sync to your Start 52 just connect the USB cable to your PC as normal and then run the TomTom Mydrive Connect software and it will sync the routes across to your unit.

They will then appear in “My Tracks”

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