More Part 3 News

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Updated Information from DVSA on Part 3

We have this afternoon received the following from Jacqui Turland, Registrar –

“Further to my email of 1 September 2017, I wanted to let you know that we have yet to gain Parliamentary approval to introduce the change, but are still hopeful that we will be able to do so by late October.

Having written to all PDIs with a test booked up to 13 October, we will now been contacting all those with a test booked up to 27 October. We’ll be able to give them more options on what they can do, such as postponing their test to a later date or keeping their test date and taking the test in the current format. They’ll be advised to speak to their instructor trainer to discuss the best option for them.

We will also be contacting all those on the Official Register of Instructor Trainers.

I will, of course, update you as and when I have more clarity on an implementation date.”


As I said before – I’m still hopeful I’ll win the lottery as well…..

Advanced Driving Options

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My latest column in the NJC newsletter covers the different types of Advanced Driving test available. Regular readers on this site might notice it’s similar to another post from earlier in the year, but if you can’t plagiarise yourself, who you can you plagiarise?

adv driving1

Is FOMO influencing dangerous driving?

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What is FOMO I hear you ask?

“Fear of missing out”

Yes its another study on Driver Distraction, this latest blog post comes courtesy of Aviva Insurance who brought the research to my attention.

After the introduction of stiffer penalties in March, police (UK wide) have caught nearly 6,000 drivers using their devices behind the wheel. As predicted in an earlier post, I didn’t envisage the penalty increase making much of a difference.

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Cardington Photos

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On the 23rd of July I was one of a small group of ADI’s invited by the DVSA to their Cardington Training centre for a Workshop on the New Part 3, Standards Check, and ORDIT.

Here a few photos from the Day: