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Green light for driving lessons on motorways

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Learner drivers will be able to have lessons on motorways in a bid to improve road safety, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced today.

The law change will be active from 2018, when learners will be allowed on motorways with an approved driving instructor in a dual control car. This will provide a broader range of real life experiences and better prepare learners for independent driving when they pass their test.

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More details on the new test from the DVSA:

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As we gear up for the changes to the driving test on Monday 4 December 2017, we want to give you some more detailed information so you know what your pupils can expect.

We’re now starting to train our driving examiners on the changes to the test – including the new instructions they’ll give to your pupils.

I want to share these with you, along with some short videos showing some of the changes in action.

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TomTom Start 52 Displays

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I can never remember if it’s the Start or Smart 52 , but those interesting in how configurable the display colours are the options are all shown below.

Basically, the colour option changes the “direction line” but that’s about it. There is a night mode which just darkens down the areas outside the roads.

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The ‘pull up on the right’ and reverse back exercise.

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The ‘pull up on the right’ and reverse back exercise.

The original information in this article is maintained below, however, it also confirmed by the handbook that has now been sent out to ADI’s ahead of the test changes:

As of June 2017, I have had confirmation of the below direct from the DVSA:

The examiner will ask the candidate to pull up the right-hand side of the road. somewhere safe and convenient. This will be on a “busier” road, but one with plenty of room to stop on the right.

(The candidate won’t be asked to pull up on the left first an then move off and stop on the right as originally reported)

You will then be asked to  reverse two car lengths and rejoin the carriageway when safe.

The stop won’t be in front of a parked car.  (as in this is not a requirement of the exercise but circumstances may mean it is in front of one)

If another road user comes up and parks behind the candidate during the exercise then it will be aborted (and presumably retried). The examiner will provide assistance to allow the candidate to see past a parked car if this happens and there is one in front obstructing vision.


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