Standards check training in worcester

Cardington Photos

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On the 23rd of July I was one of a small group of ADI’s invited by the DVSA to their Cardington Training centre for a Workshop on the New Part 3, Standards Check, and ORDIT.

Here a few photos from the Day:

Is the Standards Check a Normal Lesson?

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The most common bit of advice you read is ‘treat the standards check as a normal lesson’ but is this true?

The Standards Check is your opportunity to demonstrate to the DVSA that you are fit to remain on the ADI register. It is not just a ‘normal’ lesson.

Here’s some quotes from recent Tribunal decisions (The Transport Tribunal makes judgements if you appeal the decision to strike you off the register after 3 failed tests)

The Appellant’s name was first entered on the Register in February 2010 and in the normal course the current period of registration will expire on the last day of February 2018. 3. The Appellant failed the standards check on 27 January and 28 April 2016 and was giving guidance on how to improve his performance on both occasions. On 29 June he took the test for the third time and failed

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